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we were founded and grownup in South Asia, which is a historically extensive geographical area of the world, now AGL is available as an independent Logistics and NVO in many parts of the world.

Aries Global Logistics WLL
Al Matar Center
Opp Old Airport-Airport street, Building no: 272
Street no: 310, Zone no: 45,
Door no 59, Doha Qatar
TEL: +974 55720320

We cover everything
in terms of transportation

No matter what your shipping needs are about, we will make it happen right according to your requirements.  Here at Aries Global Logistics (AGL), we make things happen for more than 36 years – get in touch today. AGL operates worldwide through its AGL offices and selected Global Partners.

We cover
all transportation options.

We have a massive Experience – from small shipments to larger projects – we are available 24/7 to support the needs of our valued customers, our operations team is  ready to take your stuff anywhere in the world through any modes of transportation you have selected and we are also giving our best and professional advises to keep your products competitive. Obviously, we choose the right services based on the orders for the time.

There are multiple factors to think about when not sure what shipping option to choose. If it is international, transportation by air is the quickest way to do it, yet it is more expensive than transportation by sea. If the distance is short, our vehicles will get the job done in no time.

Check our services link to find complete details of our offers and do let us know if you are looking for any other detail which is not available at our services link.

We Expert in our Services

At AGL we have capability to encourage the Confidence through its experienced and
trained team members who are really working hard end to end all over the world.

AGL – an old Tradition with modern advancements.
AGL – Beyond Excellence!